Hotel and train ride broward county

It is hard to imagine a train travelling for more than three hours and providing people to live entertainment shows as well as toothsome lunch that they shall remember for days to come. Train rides are generally lively and interesting with all the picturesque views and the hullabaloo of the passengers but the makers of this special train known as Hotel and train ride broward county have gone one notch up in giving the customers a one-time culinary as well as an entertainment experience.

What Are The Services Offered To The Customers?

  • The total time of the trip is three hours covering around forty mile distance.
  • During the rides, the guests are served a five-course dinner which they can choose from three entrees. All these meals are prepared on the train itself to serve you the freshest and best quality. The menu consists of soup, appetizer platter, a choice of either salad or fruit, and the prime rib that is slow roasted, baked chicken and poached salmon. Desserts are also included complemented by iced tea, tea, and coffee.
  • The menu also contains a myriad of drinks such as soft drinks, beer, cocktails and wine which can be bought while travelling. The menu of food served on the train does not remain the same but changes every month.
  • A murder-mystery show is also played in the train cars to keep the customers entertained as well as engaged.
  • The murder shows that are arranged within the train also keep on changing. There are two different shows that run each week. One show runs on the evenings of Sunday, Thursday, and Wednesday while the other on evenings of Saturday and Friday.
  • Hotel and train ride broward county

    Additionally, during the Christmas holidays, there is a special show which is arranged for Christmas and it is put up each day throughout the holidays. Other days such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day are also celebrated on the train.

Accessibility Of The Train:

The train is available from all the major cities within the state and runs on the most famous routes. The train also offers certain packages that can be chosen by people on the basis of which they can book the train. The reservations can also be done either online or by calling the website. The experience of a unique Hotel and train ride broward county will give you loads of memories for the future.