Internet of things Singapore

Internet of Things or IoT is known as communications revolution that comprise of “billions devices – thermostats, sensors, appliances, lighting, security systems, cars, health devices, and more” – connected wirelessly and much more. “Internet of Things” can be expanded of the wireless electronic devices, which are set to transform in a way we live. The businesses can save on the labor costs as well as increase the organizational efficiency. Most of the effects can be good with Internet of things Singapore. However, does general public completely understand its consequences? If Internet of Things can be the big concern? Let us consider use of the huge number of the embedded electronic equipment.


Lots of people, for instance, are totally aware that the sensor technology is used to read the electrical power meters remotely on the homes or other control devices. Power Company just drives by close proximity to homes of the electrical customers or “reads” wireless signal getting broadcast from digital meter. Also, your bill is prepared based on data getting broadcast by the meters. And time will be saved.

However, how much we know about remote sensing devices getting deployed? There are many facts that we know. New IPV6 can allow for the infinite number of the Internet devices assigned addresses. Also, we will count on many new devices deployed. Many specialized devices are getting invented and we have, in many ways, image what’s on horizon. Some uses for the remote active monitoring can be bad or erode our privacy.