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In today’s modern day and age Internet has become something that we cannot live without. Connections, both wired and wireless have been the carriers of internet to the masses. Wireless connections, more commonly known as Wi-Fi, have become very popular in the last five to ten years. As the popularity of wifi grew, new tricks and techniques came into being that could hack a person’swifi network to use it for themselves. Various apps and websites emerged for the sole purpose of hacking into wifi systems. One such website is hackearwifi.

What is it?hackear facebook

Hackear is a website that is used for the purpose of hacking into social media accounts and wifi connections. The website is of a Spanish origin. This website can be used to gain access to a person’s wifi connection by entering the name of their wifi. Hackear uses the name to get the password for the wifi network which the hacker can then use to gain access to the wifi system.

Working of the website:

Generally, in order to hack a wifi system there are two things that are absolutely necessary; Kali linux and a wifi router. Hackear removes the need of one of these things. It makes use of a faux kali linux terminal, so that people who are not aware about installing and using linux based operating systems can also hack into wifi systems. Then, all the codes and processes that a hacker uses can be implemented on hackear. Although the process becomes simple, it is not for people who have never tried hacking and have no knowledge about it.

Uses of Hackear

The most important thing to remember while hacking is to use hacking for ethical reasons only. It is not good to hack into someone’s Wi-Fi system just to mess with them or for any reasons like blackmailing, revenge, malicious intent or personal gains. Any such act is a criminal offence and is punishable by law.


It is important to remember that hackear wifi is a tool to help people, and not a weapon to harm them. It should be used responsibly and in a helpful manner, like helping a friend get their wifi password that they have forgotten. It becomes the responsibility of the user to make sure that the website is used responsibly and not in a harmful manner.