YouTube subscribers

Ignoring the first 3 channels of YouTube itself, we can see which is the you tuber with the most YouTube subscribers in the world:  In the top we can also see that video games, music and humor are what I like most on YouTube. Even so, that does not mean that your specific niche or your topic has no followers, calm! Whatever your sector, if you have an audience outside of YouTube, I assure you that you have the possibility to have subscribers. Do you want to know how? I tell you right now

How to get more subscribers?

Face your channel

It is most significant to countenance in your YouTube channel, even more if you want to get subscribers. Be yourself. People do not look for a superhero. Only  ordinary people wanting to share interesting things.

YouTube subscribers

Customize the look and feel of your channel

First of all, you have to show a little consideration with your audience. If a new caller  come to your channel and what you discover is the non-payment look and feel of YouTube, you will think that you have not made any effort to personalize it. It is likely that this visit will not return, because it will take the impression that your channel is not something much worked.

You can also optimize you’re the majority exceptional videos and the ways in which they appear on your cover.

Publish new videos regularly

It is important that initially there is an initial content of 5 or 10 videos , and then you commit to publish at least a couple of videos per month , so that people notice that your  channel is alive . It is another sign of consideration. With this you will see that like Google does, YouTube will pay more attention to you if you show your commitment to this social network by publishing fresh and interesting content on a regular basis.