custom home bentonville ar

Building your home is a solution that lends itself to many possibilities. The choice is immense. To help you and reduce construction costs, manufacturers offer models to choose from in their catalog. It is up to you to make your choice… Click here for custom home bentonville ar.

House on catalog: cheap and fast to build

Choosing your home in the catalog is above all a question of money and time. In contrast to custom houses, the proposed models and plans have all been tested; their construction has been proven and improved to optimize the assembly. In order to satisfy all tastes and adapt to all regions and climatic constraints, the builders call upon many architects who develop modern plans. Thus, the catalogs have single-storey or two-storey houses, with or without an attic, in loft version and even some for the handicapped. Visit this site for custom home bentonville ar.

custom home bentonville arPrefabricated house: turnkey or self-built

As for traditional construction, the prefabricated house is valued according to your budget. For this, you will have to make choices of materials, surface and solution turnkey or self-construction. Whichever option is chosen, manufacturers develop reliable and environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques that respect current standards and legislation. Thus, homes can even be bioclimatic or wood.

How are they designed?

The elements of prefabricated houses are molded in the factory and assembled in the field, either by a builder or by the owner himself if he has made the choice of self-construction. Manufacturing and factory preparation ensure record construction time. The final assembly then only takes a few weeks.

Prefabricated bioclimatic houses

They can take any form, from cottage to cottage, from traditional to most luxurious construction. The options are almost as wide as for a custom house: solar roof, porch, and garage. As with all prefabricated buildings, elements are prepared and preassembled at the factory to ensure, among other things, optimal insulation by reducing thermal bridging.

The house kit: it’s up to you to do the finishing touches!

Recycled container, modular or timber-framed, the construction to realize oneself is reserved for the savvy do-it-yourselfers! Unlike the prefabricated house, the house kit is delivered to assemble following a plan. The finishes are your responsibility. It is therefore reserved for seasoned handymen and those who would have chosen self-construction. The models are triples. The container houses come from the recycling of reworked and reinforced containers. Modular homes come together with factory-made “modules”. The wooden kit house, the most widespread, is prepared in a specialized factory. The wood sections are then numbered to facilitate assembly.