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It is difficult to imagine life going on in the absence of teeth. Really all the things that you do with the help of your teeth are quite a large list. The most basic thing is to eat all those yummy dishes and fast foods. Along with chewing into your beloved unhealthy food teeth also help you frame your words. You’ll see old people who have lost their teeth talk a little different than the ones with the full set of teeth. So, with these immense utilities that teeth have, it is best, you keep them on you as long as possible and to extend the life of your teeth to stay as a resident in your mouth you’d need to take good care of your teeth.

How can you take care of your teeth?

There are several ways to take care of these gems in your mouth.

  1. You should brush your teeth twice. It is a matter of hygiene that you start following this. Once in the morning and once after dinner. It is immensely helpful that you brush your teeth and keep those food particles out of there or else they will decay and bore a hole right through your teeth. The food produces acids that weaken and softens your enamel. Check for the content of fluoride in your toothpaste.
  2. Floss your teeth on a regular basis it helps you to remove those nasty food particles from in between your teeth and helps the fluoride to really get in there and strengthen your teeth.
  3. To keep string healthy teeth it is best to limit your sugar consumption. A healthy diet goes a really long way to healthy teeth. When sugar is broken down in your saliva by the salivary amylase(an enzyme in your saliva) a lot of acids are produced which leads to enamel weakening and softening.
  4. Too much alcohol is a complete no-no for your teeth. It degrades your enamel faster than you would like and you end up losing your teeth.
  5. Snacks like cucumber, apples,etc clean your teeth. Try to eat these.
  6. This is probably a point that you only follow when that cavity gives you a nasty toothache or that gum really starts bleeding that is visiting a dentist. A dentist is to be visited every six months just for a follow up on your teeth care.

Sum it up

Whichever area you live in you should have a dental service area handy. You can type dental services seattle wa and check up the places in Seattle that offer you a good service. Read the customer reviews carefully and select a good dental clinic.