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Deciding the school in which your children will receive the education that will guide their work and personal career is an important issue that should not be taken lightly. It requires a detailed analysis of various factors since the combinations are multiple: educational project, ideology, cost, proximity or bilingualism, are the most valued.

Most valued factors, in order of importance:

Cost. The cost associated with teaching does not refer only to the price of tuition, it is necessary to add the expenses of dining, the route or extracurricular activities. In recent years, the crisis has notably affected the purchasing power of families and the consequence has been the loss of students by private schools towards the concerted ones and from the concerted ones to the public ones. When need   child counselling singapore

Comfort-Logistics family. At this point, the proximity to the family home or workplace of one of the parents is decisive. Also, the time at which the school day ends since it is not always compatible with the work schedules of the parents. It will always be easier to get reconciliation with a school close to home.

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The philosophy and values ​​of the school have always played a key role in the election. Laic? Religious? It is one of the first variables to take into account and, in this factor, it is decisive both family inclinations and the role played by the person presenting the school to parents: director or counselor.

Educational project .

 The way in which knowledge is transmitted and its pedagogical orientation is a factor that every year takes more strength in the decision of the parents as well as the number of students per class. If the school has small classes it is a point in its favor, because the attention to the child will be more personalized.