You might have seen the damage that’s done to the concrete floors over the years. It reduces the shelf life of the flooring. So is there anything that can be done? Of course, there is. Epoxy floor coating might be the perfect solution to this problem. The coating is applied over the concrete floor to make it durable and smooth that lasts for a long time. It is particularly relied upon by commercial buildings, warehouses, and industrial floors.

How does epoxy coating work?

You may think about how exactly epoxy coating helps with the concrete floor. Epoxy is the perfect blend of unique organic compounds or polymers having adhesive properties. It makes the coating bond with the concrete floor below it. The molecular structure of epoxy polymers gives them toughness, elasticity, and durability.

Where exactly is an epoxy coating used?

Epoxy coating is not only limited to commercial areas, it can also be used in the following places because of the reasons discussed below:

  • Garages and gyms
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Pool decks
  • Day-cares

What makes it a popular choice is the smooth surface one gets. Cleaning requires no hard work and is easy to maintain. It is also immune to the damage that’s caused by chemicals, bleach, water, etc. Many epoxy coatings are slip-resistant too, so there is no need to worry about falling.

Floorguard offers its customers a varied choice in epoxy floor coating. It comes in various colors that make it easy for you to pick. The most ideal space can be created with the best colors. When it comes to designs and colors, there is no better place than the Floorguard.

How colourful epoxy coatings help?

Everyone wants to add value to their business and homes. You can pick a color for a unique aesthetic. It is up to you to choose between flake epoxy coatings and metallic floor coatings.

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