Bitcoin is a kind of digital currency which allows the money transactions without the involvement of third party like banks or brokers. The things needed are a computer with bitcoin software. Bitcoin is a decentralized/cryptocurrency and it is not controlled by anyone. One might think that if it not controlled by   anyone, there would be some chaos. But it is not true. The transactions are accurate and secured. The secret for the accuracy is the blockchain technology. There are number of websites which gives all the information about cryptocurrency investment, trading etc. like coinbase which also gives the reviews.

What is bitcoin mining?

Blockchain is a ledger which records all the transactions. Unlike in banks and government administration, the blockchain organizes data in batches called “blocks”. Each block identifies and references the previous block forming a blockchain. Blockchians helps in solving the problems in the digital transactions by avoiding the duplication and controlling the information. When a bitcoin is purchased, it is recorded in the blockchain and sent to the entire network. The other investors all over the world validate the operation by solving the complex math problem. The one who replies first and validate get the reward in the form of bitcoins. The process of getting the bitcoin rewards is known as bitcoin mining.

The option to trade digital currency has various forms and coinbase is one those top most preferred digital exchange medium. The coinbase fees are included for further transaction in the processing medium.