Bitcoin is a fully virtual and decentralized currency, but in order for it to work, it must follow certain rules and technologies. These include blockchain, called blockchain. Blockchain resembles a register of all transactions carried out on the Internet, both with the help of fiat money and cryptocurrencies. More scientifically: blockchain is a distributed database that contains information about the flow of money. Blockchain is responsible for confirming transaction compliance, i.e., by sending a transfer from one account to another, you start the verification process. A new item is created in the registry, and information about it is automatically sent to hundreds of copies of this registry located around the world. Every detail of the transaction must match. Otherwise, computers bitcoin news  will not agree to the transaction, and it will not take place.

Public key

 Public key a bitcoin wallet address, which works similar to a bank account number – you can give it to anyone who wants to send you bitcoins.


Private key

 This should be subject to strict protection because it is used to authorize transactions. Anyone who has the private key to your bitcoin wallet can deprive you of BTC. The private key bitcoin news  is a kind of signature in the form of mathematical proof that the transaction has been authorized by the owner of the wallet

.So how can you use your bitcoins?

As money – you will pay BTC for more and more products and services not only in Poland but all over the world. As a form of investment – BTC, you can simply buy and store or sell at the right time, making a profit.