Understand More About Playset Slide Color Matter

Anyone who’s ever been to the park has likely seen many children playing on colorful slides, but do these bright colors really matter?


We’re here to answer this question and have some conclusions that may surprise you! Keep reading if you want to find out more.


Some people say they’re too busy with their kids to pay attention to what color their child’s playset slide is. Others say they don’t believe it matters at all.


But there’s no denying that play-set slides come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from plastics to paints, and many parents are curious about what the differences between different colored slide options are.


In each color of plastic slide we carry, there is a difference in the materials used, manufacturing processes, and warranties. Each color comes with its benefits, as well as its specific issues or characteristics.

Playset Slide Color Matter  Understanding these differences helps parents make more intelligent decisions when purchasing and installing a playset slide.


Here’s the deal: white slides are made with plastic and are the least expensive to manufacture, while painted slides are usually made with metal, which can be more expensive. Plastic slides are less expensive to manufacture but don’t hold up as well over time. High-quality plastic slides can last for years and rarely require maintenance, but this also means they’re on the more expensive end of the range. Paint slides use parts that may break or become loose over time, and they’re usually more expensive than other play-set slides.


When it comes to children’s safety, plastic slides are the least safe. On the other hand, metal slides can be safely installed with or without rails. A plastic slide on a metal playset can be precarious if left alone. All of our playsets can be safely used with rail systems to provide full body protection against falls or injury. Some plastic slides that use one-piece poles may also be more dangerous than others due to their potential for falling apart if not installed correctly. The most secure type of slide is a solid-piece slide that installs with no hardware required, but this type requires more maintenance and doesn’t always look great when installed.